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Serving will change you. It is at the heart of ministry. 

Looking after the needs of others, sharing God's love, and facilitating spiritual growth in others is a selfless task. But serving will change our lives in so many ways that will benefit our relationship with God.  

Jesus set the example for serving throughout his entire ministry. After he washed the disciples feet, He asked them to wash one another's feet. Serving is about following Jesus. We learn so much when we humble ourselves to serve.  At first glance, it may seem that serving is too big of a sacrifice. I won't lie there is a sacrifice to serving, but the benefits are larger than the sacrifice.  

WE ARE NOT IN IT ALONE - Friendships are developed with the people that we serve beside.  We will laugh together, share prayer requests and support and encourage one another.  It is a team that works together. We weren't supposed to go through our spiritual journey alone. Serving as a team together means that we will be surrounded by friends who will walk beside us.

HAVING FUN - God created fun. Serving on a ministry team means that we will be a part of the fun that comes with serving.  No matter what ministry we serve. laughter and smiles can be a part of it.  Smile and enjoy what God is doing as you serve.

THRIVING FAITH - Serving is where the rubber meets the road of our faith.  Each moment we experience serving shows us how to apply what the bible teaches. It accelerates our faith and gives us practical application to serving in every area of our lives

FOCUS - When we serve, our focus is on one thing: impacting our community and the world with the message of Jesus.  This is why we serve.  This is why we greet people as they come in for Sunday Morning Worship.  This is why we hold babies in the nursery or play music in the worship team.

LOVED, CARED FOR and KNOWN - It is our goal to serve in a way that people feel loved, cared for and known.  This will change people who are looking for a place to heal. It will bring care and concern to people that feel like no one cares. It brings hopeless people hope.

Serving makes...

  • People feel VALUED at Green River Alliance Church.
  • People feel like it is a SAFE place to talk about anything.
  • People take the NEXT step in their walk with Jesus.
  • People understand there is a world BIGGER than themselves. 
  • People are actively INVOLVED in their spiritual journey. 


  1. Pray about serving
  2. Meet with leadership to determine where to best utilize your gifts.
  3. Fill out application and background check when needed 
  4. Observe the Ministry that you would like to serve in. 
  5. After the above steps your ministry begins.